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Sierra Nevada Taps Funky Buddha To Work With Nation’s Top Craft Breweries For A Special 12-Pack Of Beer

People all across the country will soon be able to get a taste of a Funky Buddha-brewed beer.

This week, Funky Buddha Brewery participated in a beer camp featuring 30 of the nation's top craft breweries. Together, they are collaborating to create a 12-pack of beer that will be distributed nationwide in 2016.

It's all part of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.'s Beer Camp Across America, which is now in its second year. 

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This time around, six craft breweries, each from a different U.S. region, were selected by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to lead a "Super Group" of four fellow brewers from the area. (For those who can't keep up with the math, that's five breweries per region across six regions, or 30 breweries total.)

Funky Buddha was one of only six breweries hand-selected as the captain of a region—in Funky Buddha's case, the Southeast. Brand director John Linn said it means a lot to be recognized by Sierra Nevada, one of the nation's largest craft breweries.

"To be on the national radar despite only selling our beer in Florida is incredible," he said.

The Funky Buddha team was in a meeting when co-owner Ryan Sentz received a phone call from Sierra Nevada founder and billionaire Ken Grossman.

"The caller ID said Ken Grossman, so we were all sort of surprised to see that, to say the least," Linn said, "and then he explained the whole thing to Ryan and we gladly accepted."

From there, Funky Buddha chose four other Southeastern breweries—Wicked Weed from North Carolina; Austin Beerworks from Texas; Bayou Teche from Louisiana; and Creature Comforts from Georgia—that they wanted to work with and pitched the idea to them.

Representatives from all 30 breweries traveled to Sierra Nevada's Asheville, North Carolina, brewery this week to plan the beers that will go in the 12-pack. 

The Beer Camp Across America pack will have two bottles each of six brews, one created by each Super Group. 

"We brewed a test batch of one of the beers this week at Wicked Weed, and we'll brew the next test soon at Funky Buddha," Linn said.

For Funky Buddha, the trip to North Carolina was a special opportunity to learn how other craft breweries think and work, Linn said. 

"Not to mention, we kind of geek out over these great brewers, just like anyone else does," he said. "It's like, 'They really want to work with us? Whoa!"

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