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Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails Lets Locals Play Tourist For A Day With A Restaurant And Retreat Right On Hallandale Beach

There’s a new beach club in town, and if you need help finding it, look to the Hallandale Beach water tower as your guide.

Nestled directly behind the base of the bright, multicolored structure sits the new Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails, a day club where members and guests can escape the hustle and bustle of the city for the afternoon—or simply for a meal. 

Just two miles south of Jimmy Buffet’s soon-to-open Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, the expansive three-story property encompasses 10,000 square feet along a stretch of Hallandale Beach. Guests have access to a spa, fitness center, beach volleyball court, casual cafe, and a waterfront restaurant dishing out contemporary family-style dinner plates under the direction of executive chef Danny Elmaleh. 

Sure, club members can enjoy special perks, such as access to a private terrace complete with a bar, lounge chairs and a hot tub when the third floor opens in November. But anyone looking to unwind can similarly enjoy food and beverage service while sitting pretty on reserved beach chairs ($15 each) perched in the sand.

“We are hoping locals will experience the venue as an extension of their own home, a place where they can relax and put their feet up," a Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails representative said. "We want to bring locals a quality of food and beverages that they are unable to find anywhere else in the area.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the focal point of the property is a 250-seat eatery that officially opened its doors Aug. 31.

On a recent Thursday evening, a hostess sporting a colorful maxi dress and boho chic head jewelry greeted guests as they made their way up the wide staircase to the second-floor restaurant. The tables are set with mismatched sea-hued plates and vintage-style silverware. And while there is an indoor dining space, the blue-white-and-tan terrace is the prime spot for enjoying the view of the similarly colored sand and surf just feet away. 

The menu presents a variety of small, medium and large Italian- and Mediterranean-inspired plates, all meant to be shared. With options like mushroom gnocchi (a customer favorite), wasabi tuna tartar, lobster pasta and truffled honey fried chicken, it's hard to choose which to try. Fortunately, the server recommends starting with two plates per person and working from there. (Tip: The pumpkin butter rolls, topped with rosemary and salt, are a must.) 

Of course, no (proper) dinner at the beach is complete without a cocktail or two. The property offers quite an array of adult beverages specially concocted to represent flavors from sister property locations in South Beach, Las Vegas and Hollywood's Sunset Strip. The $14 drinks all have playful names—Earl Grey Aviation, Citrus Flower Sour and Love Unit, to name a few—but what’s perhaps more striking is their unique combination of ingredients. 

The Kentucky Radler, for instance, is a surprisingly refreshing whisky-based cocktail made with freshly pressed lemon juice and house-blended maple syrup and topped with Corona beer. The Beet the Heat features vodka, Lillet rosé, lemon juice, beet juice, simple syrup and plum bitters.

That night, about eight outdoor tables were occupied with guests ranging from older out-of-owners in casual beachwear to a group of young women in high heels all clad in black dresses for a birthday celebration. A handful of couples also enjoyed the relatively cool summer night at the bar.

Cool summer afternoons rather than nights might be best for a visit to Hyde Beach, however. Although lanterns housing flameless candles were placed on each table, the dim light they emitted was no match for the dark outdoors.

Guests who had arrived just moments before dusk had to resort to the lights from their phones to read the menu. Those who had already been served could not quite see what they were scooping into their mouths. 

But that’s something the restaurant is working to fix—in accordance to guidelines, of course.

Memphis Garrett, director of operations for Hyde Beach, said the beach club faces restrictions on the types of lights allowed so close to the shoreline because of the sea turtle nests in the area. Hatchlings follow the moonlight to find their way to the ocean, and artificial lights can confuse them. 

Nesting season runs from spring to the end of October, and while the property may turn to hanging lights for the four other months of the year, Garrett is currently looking at other options that will make both diners and turtles happy all year-round.

In about 16 months, Hyde Resort & Residences is expected to make its debut in front of the beach club. For now, the future 41-story building sits among many under-construction properties that line the stretch of A1A. In fact, the only clue to Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktail's existence is a "Now Open" sign draped across a chain-linked fence in front of piles of dirt and sand.

Luckily, you now have a fool-proof plan for finding your way there. 

Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails; 111 S. Surf Road, Hallandale Beach

Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails

The outdoor seating space at the second-floor restaurant. 

Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails

View from the second-floor restaurant. 

Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails

Interior of the restaurant. 

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