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Boating In Florida: An Inside Look At Boatsetter's Launch On Airbnb

When you live in Florida, everyone wants to visit.

With a constant inflow of out-of-towners, it’s easy to fall into a repetitive regimen of activities and places you take guests.  

Mine goes something like this: spend the day at the beach with a piña colada and fish tacos for lunch; take a Water Taxi ride before having dinner on Las Olas; and for dessert, grab a cone at Kilwins.

But when my friend Sam, a trendy New Yorker, came to town, the pressure was on to break from tradition and plan an impressive weekend. 

Boatsetter recently launched its experiences on the Airbnb platform. Boatsetter is a peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace offering experiences in Los Angeles, San Francisco and our own Miami. Water-themed excursions include activities like fishing, cruising past mansions and exploring the local marine life. 

Sam and I booked The Ocean Is Calling Us, a one-on-one, four-hour wakeboarding lesson in the Intracoastal Waterway. 

boating in florida

We were in good hands. Our instructor, Sasha, is a retired professional wakeboarder with surfer-dude hair and a lot of patience.

Sasha started by showing us on the back of the boat how to stand up on the board. 

The last time both of my feet were bound together like so, I was 13 years old and trying to impress my crush on a snowboarding trip. I didn’t impress him, but I did wow my chiropractor with the damages to my lower back.

Boating In South Florida

This is likely why I was tense at the start of the lesson—resisting the rope as it tried to pull me out of the water.  

Sasha pulled the boat around and hopped on the tail end yelling, “What are you doing? Stop pulling away. Do nothing—the boat will pull you up.”

After a few more failed attempts to stand, Sasha’s directions began to click. Finally, I stood, I put my weight on my back foot and I looked up at the Miami skyline. Sasha gave a thumbs-up. 

florida boating

With Boatsetter’s recent acquisition of the fellow boat-sharing app Boatbound, it now offers the largest network of captains, like Sasha, worldwide. As it grows, Boatsetter is on pace to offer 10,000 boat rentals in 300-plus destinations by the end of the year. 

"Our goal is to dominate the United States boat rental market to make boating more affordable and accessible for consumers nationwide, no matter what type of boating experience they are seeking,” says Jaclyn Baumgarten, co-founder and CEO at Boatsetter.

To get on board with the experiences produced in tandem with Airbnb, visit airbnb.com

Photos courtesy of Boatsetter and Alyssa Morlacci


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