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Miami’s Filling Station and Garage Bar Relocating to Oakland Park

The Filling Station and Garage Bar is moving to a new location in Broward County after operating out of a two-story location in Downtown Miami for the past six years.


Owner, Adam Feigeles says he was looking to do something new with his restaurant but assures that everything, including the menu and décor, will remain the same.


"It was just time," he told The Miami New Times. "The building I was in was getting old. Rent was getting a little high. It became a little bit more difficult to handle monetarily."


Feigeles searched for locations in Miami while he temporary closed his restaurant back in November but couldn’t find anything he could afford.


Finally, Feigeles found a space in Oakland Park located at 3200 NE 12th Ave., just down the street from Funky Buddha Brewery were he believes the two places will complement each other well.


Although receiving mixed reactions from customers regarding news about the move, Feigeles believes it’ll overall be a positive thing for the restaurant.


The new location is about the same size as the previous one; only it’s now one level, making it easier to manage which will result in better customer service. There is also 1,000-square-feet worth of an outdoor dining area, allowing for half the restaurant’s seating to be outside.


Aside from these minor exterior changes, the only other thing that’ll be different at the Filling Station and Garage Bar will be the staff. Due to the move, most of the Miami employees can't make the long drive north. Feigeles is looking to hire about 15 new employees, including back-of-house cooks and kitchen staff and servers.


Feigeles says he will miss the old place but is optimistic and hopes to reopen the restaurant sometime this March with a grand celebration.