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This Modern Home In Aventura Will Have You Redecorating With Pops Of Color

Editor’s note: We’ve partnered with the amazing team over at Houzz to bring you home and décor inspiration from local properties. This article was originally posted on Houzz’s website, a  resource for finding tips and items that will enhance your home. 

When a couple with three boys bought this house, it was a typical Mediterranean-style Miami home, with closed-off rooms, windows covered in panes and lots of clutter. "My clients wanted to open up the home," says Karina Donadel, lead designer at DKOR Interiors. "The wife loves very minimal modern, while the husband wanted to make sure it still had warmth."

Meeting the couple's needs meant a gut renovation that involved tearing down walls, using clear and translucent glass to increase the natural light and adding natural textures and finishes to add warmth to whitewashed walls. At the same time, the designers and the clients had to create a home that could stand up to boys ages 2, 4 and 6 and grow with the family. Now, "people are shocked when they walk through the door and see how modern the interiors are," says Donadel.

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Houzz at a Glance

Who lives here: A couple and three boys

Location: Aventura, Florida

Size: 4,500 square feet; 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms

That's interesting: A dining table custom made to accommodate extended family was so long, the house had to be enlarged.

The design moved some rooms around and opened up the floor plan. Past the front foyer, the home opens up into the living and dining space. It was extended out the back beyond the column as part of the renovation, because the clients needed a dining table that would seat 14 people.

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"The clients entertain all the time," says Donadel. "My client is like Martha Stewart; she always has a beautifully set table." Donadel differentiated the two spaces with a dramatic change in floor texture. The dining room floor is elevated and has lighting underneath the platform.

The artwork draws the eye upward and fits the space perfectly. "We needed something bold that could stand up to the scale of the wall," says Donadel. "Each panel of this triptych is 60 inches by 60 inches."

Floors throughout the home are covered in Kerlite, which is a very thin porcelain. "This is a great product that comes in 48-inch by 48-inch by one-sixteenth-inch pieces. Though we didn't do it here, it can be laid atop existing flooring," says Donadel. "It's very durable, easy to maintain and it has a seamless look."

Art: Blue Movement, commissioned via Art Design Resources; dining table: two bases by Minotti with custom glass top

DKOR interiors Inc - Interior Designers Miami, FL, original photo on Houzz

Once the more open plan brought in a modern feel, Donadel needed to add in the warmth. "We cozied up the space with a careful balance of materials," says Donadel. "Using very clean sharp lines keeps things from looking cluttered." Case in point: To keep it as clean lined as possible, the glass railing you see upstairs has a support system hidden within the floor.

Here, a sharp line between a limestone wall and more Plyboo wood differentiates the two floors. The wood continues up the wall and across the ceiling. "The element of wrapping is an important one we carried throughout the house, to give things continuity," explains Donadel.

DKOR interiors Inc - Interior Designers Miami, FL, original photo on HouzzCaption

The previous photo shows the translucent doors that mark the entry to this office. Donadel added them to provide privacy yet still let in light from the living room. She also designed custom cabinetry to make sure the room worked for everyone, as the entire family uses this room for work, crafts and homework.

Pops of yellow inside the shelves and cubbies add some bright color to the space. Dashes of color like this are also used in many of the other rooms.

DKOR interiors Inc - Interior Designers Miami, FL, original photo on Houzz

This former bedroom now serves as a comfortable family gathering spot. The entire wall on the left is covered by a custom built-in storage system that holds movies, games and media equipment. It also has a full-service bar including storage for wine and wine glasses and a refrigerator.

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"It was very important to my client to have a place for everything, so we planned out the storage very carefully," says Donadel. Similar to the office, pops of chartreuse break up the long storage wall.

Sofa: Arravanti; coffee table: Pool Coffee Table

DKOR interiors Inc - Interior Designers Miami, FL, original photo on Houzz

The kitchen used to end where the first group of cabinets ends, and the breakfast room had a big wall unit blocking the windows. A pop of green is provided by the Panton chairs and plays off the vibrant foliage seen in the backyard. "We designed the house to bring in as much of the outdoors as possible, from enlarging windows and bringing in plants," explains Donadel.

The cabinets continue the theme of mixing natural textures, in this case walnut and glass, and the backsplash is white back-painted glass. "The pendant lamps were the very first thing my client and I picked out on our first shopping trip together," says Donadel. "We didn't know where we were going to use them, but we knew we had to have them."

Kitchen crafted by Mia Cucina; Bertoia counter stools: Knoll; Saarinen kitchen table: Knoll; Panton kitchen chairs: Vitra

DKOR interiors Inc - Interior Designers Miami, FL, original photo on Houzz

The extension in the dining room below meant that the master bedrooms gained some length. "We needed to break up the long walls and add some softness, so we created three sections down the side the bed is on," Donadel says. The wall composition alternates between wood veneer and fabric-upholstered panels.

The storage system on the opposite wall mirrors the three sections as well and includes a desk, a media center, dresser storage and even a refrigerator.

DKOR interiors Inc - Interior Designers Miami, FL, original photo on Houzz

This bathroom continues a wrapping theme, with the Vena Grigio stone extending across the floor, around the tub, up the wall and into the shower stall (look closely; this picture was taken from inside the shower stall, which is covered in a pebbled tile).

The stone contrasts with a porcelain backsplash behind the vanity. "The backsplash is a ceramic matrix that has a slight shimmer that adds just a little glitz," says Donadel. This is representative of the subtle glamour that is woven throughout the house.

In keeping with having a place for everything, the custom vanities have built-in hampers. Even some of the lighting is built in. "We chose a mirror with integrated lighting for a very clean look. We didn't want to clutter up the wall with separate sconces," she says.

"My clients were very scared, but their complete trust let us accomplish this project together," says Donadel. Their leaps of faith resulted in a unique and beautiful home that works for their family. Donadel is now working on transforming the yard. We look forward to seeing it when it's done.


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