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Most stressed out places in America

If you couldn’t tell already, the state of Florida needs a chill pill.

That probably explains why the state is deemed the most stressed out state out of all of America, according to a previous study done by Movoto Real Estate. The figures are based off of metrics such as commute, unemployment, hours worked, housing and population density from data from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey for 2008 to 2012.

Florida, where unemployment and no health insurance make a bad combo, ranked the third worst state when it came to both the percentage of the population without health insurance and the unemployment rate.

Now, Movoto went in depth to give you the most stressed cities. Type in Fort Lauderdale beach’s zip code "33304" and it ranks 3,740 out of 28,372 cities on the map. Using eight criteria similar to the ones used for the state count, cities in Broward and Palm Beach counties still remained clear from the top 50 list. Whew!

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