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Cocktail Bar PlugIn Karaoke At Gulfstream Park Offers Intimate, Upscale Entertainment With Private Singing Rooms

Now you can conquer your karaoke fears with a new high-tech, low-humiliation karaoke venue in Gulfstream Park.

At PlugIn Karaoke, an upscale karaoke concept based out of Tel Aviv, Israel that opened in Hallandale June 9, guests can choose from 18 private karaoke rooms, each uniquely designed and of varying sizes. 

Whether accommodating a bachelorette party with five to 10 friends, a couple on date night or a large corporate group of 150, even the largest of rooms were still made to offer a distinctly intimate feel. 

“The traditional karaoke can be very embarrassing and can be stressful, or something that doesn't feel good to everyone just because it’s so public and around people you have no connection to,” Ally Golan, vice president of marketing for PlugIn says. “I think we’re doing something totally different because we’re saying this is private, this is intimate, this is about the mood you want to be in. It really makes it about you.”

The first PlugIn location in Israel opened in 2013 and has since grown to six locations across the country. This is its first location in the United States, only the start of a U.S. expansion for PlugIn. With South Florida as its domestic launching ground, PlugIn’s owners chose a destination that is very similar to its birthplace of Tel Aviv—a cosmopolitan, coastal city with an innate love of nightlife.

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“It’s people who enjoy life,” Golan says.

To provide the full entertainment experience for an evening outing, PlugIn also offers a bar complete with craft cocktails and an in-room dining menu of appetizing eats, from sushi to sliders to flatbreads and gourmet fries. Adding in karaoke brings that formula for fun to the next level, Golan says.

“When you’re at a restaurant or sitting at a bar, you’re not engaged in the same way. This really brings out so much in every one of us,” she says. 

When it comes time to belt it out, guests use tablets to choose from over 35,000 songs in several languages including English, Spanish, Hebrew and Portuguese, and playlists can even be created online ahead of time—leaving more time for singing the night away.

Individual performances can also be recorded with the in-room camera and then instantly shared on social media platforms. Don’t worry, “On Air” recording lights will turn on meanwhile, so servers know not to enter the room and interrupt.

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“That night lives on, and I think that’s something that people enjoy,” Golan says.

Musical design elements are key throughout the 11,000-square-foot, Instagram-worthy venue, from a display of golden microphones, to a wall of headphones, to guitars and instruments in the bathroom and hallways. South Florida artist Marc Rudinsky was commissioned to create the wall art, including two murals paying tribute to Prince and David Bowie.

Meanwhile, inside the rooms, guests will find plush couches, big-screen TVs and adjustable air conditioning and lighting. Certain VIP rooms even offer bottle service, their own in-room bars and private patios for mingling al fresco.

“The idea is to make it feel very comfortable, almost like it’s your living room, so you feel at ease,” Golan says. “You feel like you’re in a safe, intimate place where you can just let loose.”

Karaoke rates start at $10 per person per hour, with a two-hour minimum on weekdays and a three-hour minimum on weekends. Guests of the venue must be 18 or older after 8 p.m. on weeknights (when it’s open until 2 a.m.) and 21 or older after 8 p.m. during the weekend (when the party keeps going “’til very, very late”).

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PlugIn Karaoke is located at Gulfstream Park on the second level across from the walking ring; 801 Silks Run, Ste. 2597, Hallandale Beach; 844.475.8446; fl.pluginkaraoke.com

Photos courtesy of PlugIn Karaoke