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PopBar Opens In Delray Beach, Making Ice Cream Old News

Straight out of New York City, Popbar is a new trendy dessert spot with a product that may very well rival your favorite ice cream.

The chain—which serves up handcrafted gelato, sorbetto and yogurt on a stick—will be hosting the grand opening celebration of its Delray Beach store at 3 p.m. on Dec. 5.

Popbar provides customers the ability to create their own unique dessert experience, allowing them to a choose a pop flavor, dipping option and topping.

Expect to find traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla and coffee, as well as more unusual options, such as green tea, passion fruit and kiwi. Dipping options include milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate, and customers can top their pop with basically anything imaginable. (Coconut or chopped hazelnuts, anyone?)

Not in the mood for dessert on a stick? Try the frozen hot chocolate, popaccino, pop bites—or maybe a pop treat swirled in a cup of steamed milk.

Popbar was founded in New York City in 2010 by Reuben BenJehuda, who grew up eating gelato in Milan, Italy, and Daniel Yaghoubi, who learned how to make pops while growing up in Hamburg, Germany. The two combined their skills to create the all-natural, gluten-free desserts.

This is the first Popbar in Florida, but don’t worry it won’t be the last. Keep an eye out for new locations in Wellington and Miami Beach.

Popbar; 411 E. Atlantic Ave. Suite B, Delray Beach

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