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Residents Fight for Vacant Downtown Lot to Become a Park

A property located just north of Broward Boulevard is one of six locations that the City of Fort Lauderdale could consider transforming into a new park.


In 2003 after months of meetings, the City of Fort Lauderdale created a downtown master plan that laid out how the city should grow throughout the coming decades.

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The plan presented a dozen guiding principles and defined how Fort Lauderdale should grow and become a livable, walk-able city with a strategy to "green the Downtown with a connected system of parks, trails, and streets."


The property at 301 N. Andrews Ave. was one of six locations identified by the plan that could be transformed into a new park. But, the city seems to be steering away from the original plan of creating a park and instead floating the idea to sell the land to a private developer.


President of the Flagler Village Civic Association Dylan Lagi says his group first became aware of the issue after the city hired a private consultant to audit surplus land back in October. The Flagler Village Civic Association wants the land to be used for a park. Lagi sent a resolution stating so to the city, but never received a response.


While nothing has been determined of the property yet, Lagi and friends set up a website, ournextpark.org, and began campaigning to persuade the city to stick to the original master plan of creating a greener Downtown area.