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Salt Suite Fort Lauderdale Offers Relaxation Through Treatment Rooms Lined With Salt From The Dead Sea

Fort Lauderdale is about to get its first Salt Suite. 

The salt therapy destination—which currently has three other locations across South Florida—is looking to open its new center just minutes from the beach on Oct. 24.

But its rooms won’t feature the sand you’ll find on our shoreline.

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Chosen for its unique composition of minerals, the sand that lines the walls and floors of the treatment rooms will come from the Dead Sea to create a negative-ion, anti-bacterial environment. 

So, how does the treatment work?

“Each room comes equipped with a halo-generator, which grinds the salt into tiny micro particles which are pumped into the air,” a release explains. “When guests breathe the air in, the salt particles break down and stimulate the respiratory tract.” 

The new location is expecting a variety of clients—from children to seniors—looking to treat a range of conditions, such as allergies, asthma, COPD, dermatitis, psoriasis and more. 

“Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant city with many health-conscientious people of all ages who want to achieve optimal health using natural, homeopathic remedies,” said Jaime Stafford, owner of the new franchise. 

And you don’t necessarily have to be seeking treatment for something to reap benefits. 

“It helps everyone feel more relaxed, sleep better and have a healthier immune system,” Stafford said.

In an interview for an alternative medicine story in Gold Coast magazine, Delray Beach resident Dan Gamache said salt therapy not only helped him get shut-eye, but eased his asthma. 

“I don’t have to worry about breathing. I don’t have any sinus issues,” said Gamache, who after a year of sessions noted he was able to swim the entire length of the pool without gasping for air. 

The Fort Lauderdale shop will feature two rooms: an adult treatment room with seven reclining chairs, as well as a children’s room, where up to four kids can play in the sand (yes, a parent must be present). 

A single session at Salt Suite costs $35, but the center also offers memberships for $79 per month (includes four sessions) and $99 per month (unlimited sessions). 

To celebrate its grand opening, the Fort Lauderdale location will give the first 25 members half-price memberships for six months.

Salt Suite; 1425 B SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale

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