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Soothe App's On-Demand Massage Service Launches In Fort Lauderdale April 14, Meaning A Masseuse Can Be At Your Door Within An Hour

Gone are the days of waiting for an appointment opening at your favorite spa. 

With Soothe, an on-demand massage app that launches service in Fort Lauderdale and coastal areas of Broward County April 14, a relaxing treatment in your home, hotel room or workplace is just a few clicks away.

The massage and wellness company, founded by CEO Merlin Kauffman in 2013, lets people schedule a same-day massage, as little as an hour in advance. A licensed massage therapist then arrives at your door. 

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Soothe's rates are $99 for a 60-minute massage, $129 for 90 minutes, or $169 for 120 minutes, with tax and gratuity already included. Appointments can be made between 8 a.m. and midnight, with treatment options including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre-natal and Couples massages. 

All of Soothe's therapists are licensed and certified according to the requirements of the state in which they practice, and each holds at least 500 hours of experience and undergoes a thorough interview and vetting process, according to the company. 

Melissa Leacock, who has worked for Soothe in Miami for two years, is excited about the app's expansion into Fort Lauderdale. Working independently in the area, she said she's seen a lot of growth in the demand for massages from young women, single moms and the working class. She also foresees a lot of room for growth within the marine industry and yachting community. 

Many customers use Soothe to unwind after traveling or a long work day, according to Leacock, but for those who are hesitant, she recommends testing out a massage in the workplace before welcoming a therapist into their homes. 

Customers should keep in mind they need at least a 10-foot by 3-foot area of cleared space (so move around furniture beforehand if you have to; don't expect your therapist to do it for you), and the area should be able to be closed off to outside lighting. Think a small room with blinds, for example. 

If there's no room for a full-on private massage in the office, the Soothe At Work option provides chair massage sessions for corporate environments. Rates start at $99 per hour per therapist, with up to four chair massages performed in an hour.

What It's Like

Our staff tried out Soothe in advance of this week's Broward launch. 

Leacock arrived at our office around lunchtime, collapsible massage table and sheets in tow. She set up her equipment in our small conference room, shut the lights, and set the mood with calming music and tea candles. We then took turns getting a massage treatment on our lunch breaks.

Here are some of the thoughts that ran through our minds during the experience:


Alyssa Morlacci, Associate Editor

“Is burning candles an office building violation? Sure hope not!” 

“Maybe I should’ve eaten my lunch before this appointment… Stomach, please don’t growl.” 

“I will never think of this conference room the same way.”


Ileana Llorens, Senior Web Editor

"Uh, this is a full-size massage table. In our mini conference room." 

"People must feel super awkward doing a full-on massage in their office. It can't just be me, right?"

"Someone really should have put a sign on the door to let people know this room is occupied." 

"How long is this going to be? I have a lot of things to get done." 

"Try to relax. You're already doing this. Too late now."


Lyssa Goldberg, Web Editor

"How oily am I going to feel after this?"

"Oh, she's playing spa music from her phone. This whole mobile masseuse thing is really cool."

"Don't fall asleep, Lyssa. You still have work to do after this."

"Who else is down to do this again tomorrow?"


Mark Corbett, Associate Publisher

"How can I incorporate massage as a required component of the work day?"

Every time I heard a door open: "I hope Elton [our boss] doesn't walk in." 

After the massage: "I feel more focused. That was a great break to an otherwise stress-filled day."


Appointments can be made via the app, as well as online at Soothe.com or by calling 1.800.960.7668.

(Image via Facebook/Soothe)