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Steak 954 Designs A Brunch Cocktail Menu That’s Meant To Cure Your Hangover

Simeon Humphreys has spent time thinking about what you’re like hungover.

As the beverage manager at Steak 954, he’s put a lot of thought into this lately. His conclusions: He figures you’re maybe a bit groggy, perhaps not quite yourself yet. You probably don’t want to get dressed up, maybe just a sarong over a bathing suit. And you probably want to get over this raging headache the old-school way: with more booze.

So about a month ago, Humphreys launched a brunch-only cocktail menu meant to totally destroy that hangover.

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“Having a dedicated brunch-only cocktail drink menu just sounded fun to me,” Humphreys says. “The idea was to provide a shot of adrenaline to brunch.”

He started by thinking about what you’re like on a Sunday morning, having had a bit too much just a few hours earlier. Then he tried to totally reimagine the Steak 954 drink menu. At night, the drinks are all based on classics and are full of standards that the restaurant has served pretty much since Philly chef Stephen Starr opened it in the W Fort Lauderdale six years ago.

Humphreys also knows that things are different at brunch. At night, Steak 954 is something of a destination, a splurge for visiting tourists and a place where locals go to split a porterhouse on special occasions. Brunch, on the other hand, is the first stop of the day. For this, he wanted easily drinkable, fun cocktails that are full of fresh ingredients – things that make sure the afternoon is headed somewhere good.

So he started with a drink that’s a take on one of his favorites at home – bourbon, a squeeze of lemon and coconut water ice cubes – and then fancied it up. What he came up with is now called the Sweetest Taboo, with redemption rye, tawny port, amontillado sherry and one of those giant ice cubes made of coconut water.

Then he designed a drink around a liqueur he’d found called Pamplemousse Rosé. “It’s the essence of pink grapefruit,” he says. To it, he added Hangar One vodka, honey and Fresno Chili. It’s a drink that tastes like a spicy tequila sunrise hooked up with a mimosa in Mexico. It’s refreshing, sweet-slash-tart and suddenly it feels like the hangover is subsiding.

Next, he says, is the “hands-down staff favorite.” It’s called The Layover, and it’s spiced rum, ginger, lime and cold-brewed coffee made right there in the kitchen. Once shaken, it comes out looking like a frothy Guinness. Or, depending on your status, a hangover cure.

“With this menu, we really had to consider how people are in the morning,” Humphreys says.

Hungover, most likely, and quite possibly in need of a cocktail designed for it.

Photos courtesy of Steak 954