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Tap 42 Hosting A 'Save Uber' Party To Round Up Support For Ride-Hailing Service

Tap 42 is asking Broward residents to show their support for Uber.

The Fort Lauderdale restaurant will be hosting a #SaveUber party at 4 p.m. Thursday, the day before the ride-hailing company has said it will suspend operations in Broward County.  

The event will feature a special Uber cocktail and a live confession wall where patrons can share their favorite Uber memories and what they will miss about the company. 

The goal is to draw attention to a service Tapco Restaurant Group COO Andy Yeager said has provided an easily accessible solution that prevents drunken driving. 

Free Uber rides (up to a $20 value) to and from Tap 42 will be provided. 

Uber and Broward have had a strained relationship, with county commissioners enforcing what the company has called stringent regulations when it comes to insurance, background checks and inspections. Earlier this month, Uber and competitor Lyft announced they would pull out of the county on July 31. 

“The Broward County Commission has created one of the most hostile regulatory frameworks in the nation, raising substantial barriers for local entrepreneurs trying to earn a living and making it impossible for Uber to continue providing the high standard of service and affordability the community has come to expect and demand,” Uber’s statement read.

The back and forth between Broward and Uber has been going on for a while, but Yeager said he believed it was important to draw more attention to the issue on one of the last days for the ride-hailing company. 

“Why not now? We're afraid that the community will just quit fighting progress and digress to times of old,” he said. “That's just not acceptable.” 

Tap 42 recently opened a second location in Boca Raton. Incidentally, the Palm Beach County Commission is also looking to enforce background checks and insurance requirements for Uber drivers operating in the area. County Administrator Robert Weisman said the proposed regulations may drive Uber out of the county

Tap 42; 1411 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale