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The Team Behind ROK:BRGR, TacoCraft Plans To Open Its First Fast-Casual Concept, Proper Sandwich, In FAT Village

Feel like there’s not a proper sandwich in South Florida? There will be soon.

The team behind ROK:BRGR, Public House and other Himmarshee Village restaurant staples has announced plans to open Proper Sandwich, a fast-casual sandwich shop in FAT Village, later this year.

With a new restaurant location already in mind, JEY Hospitality Group co-owner and founder Marc Falsetto did a bit of traveling last year to look for a new concept. 

Falsetto wanted something you just can’t find in Fort Lauderdale, and while on a trip in Asheville, North Carolina, he noticed a trend of sandwich places that were doing everything from scratch, with fresh-made breads and meats roasted or smoked in-house. 

“I just started talking with the partners about how you can’t find a proper sandwich around here, and that’s how it came about,” Falsetto said. “Who’s roasting their own roast beef? Nobody.”

So they decided to call their new place Proper Sandwich. For the location, they’ve settled on a spot next to C&I Studios, at the corner of Northwest First Avenue and Northwest Sixth Street.

Proper Sandwich will do breakfast in the morning, serving bagel sandwiches, and then for lunch, will offer items like Philly cheesesteaks and beef dips. Meats will either be roasted in-house or maybe brought in from Miami Smokers, and they’ll likely be served on bread from Zak the Baker, Falsetto said. 

This is the first time JEY will do an order-at-the-counter concept. The company began with ROK:BRGR in Fort Lauderdale and has since expanded the gastropub concept to South Miami, Gulfstream Park, and a brand new location in Delray Beach. It also owns Himmarshee Public House, TacoCraft and Pizza Craft. 

“We’re going to dabble into fast-casual, but it will still be chef-driven fast casual,” Falsetto said.

It will also be the first restaurant in FAT Village. The arts district has grown to become like a mini Wynwood in recent years, a one-block collection of co-working offices, a coffee shop, and small creative firms. But unlike Wynwood, it has yet to add restaurants or bars that would keep it active at night, aside from the monthly art walk. 

One main reason for that is the city’s restriction that requires companies to have dedicated parking spots, something Falsetto hopes they’ll waive to allow Proper Sandwich.

If all goes right, Falsetto said Proper Sandwich will open in about six to eight months. 

Falsetto ran a sandwich shop while in high school and says this is a concept that he’s stoked to get started on. 

“Sandwiches are my passion,” he said. “I’m super excited about this one.”

Proper Sandwich; Coming soon to Northwest First Avenue and Northwest Sixth Street, Fort Lauderdale

(Photo of future Proper Sandwich location courtesy of Marc Falsetto)