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Uber Is Coming Back To Broward County

Uber is back in business with Broward County. 

The County Commission voted 6-2 Tuesday to pass an ordinance that would bring Uber back to the area from where it ceased operations July 31. 

The ride-hailing app—which pulled out of Broward over what the company called stringent regulations—could return as soon as Thursday. 

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“Bottom line is we’re back,” an Uber rep told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “We’re very happy with the decision today.”

The relaxed rules require insurance coverage and background checks, but they can instead be processed through a third-party and without fingerprinting.

The decision comes after commissioners gave an amendment the initial OK on Sept. 1. Officials could not come to an agreement during a meeting Sept. 17 and put the item on hold until Tuesday's meeting. 

Over the past several months, commissioners have faced public backlash over their regulations on ride-sharing apps like Uber and competitor Lyft.

“The millstone has been lifted off our collective necks,” Mayor Tim Ryan said just before concluding the meeting. 

Neighboring Palm Beach County has faced a similar situation with regulating ride-sharing apps. Commissioners voted 5-1 last month to let Uber continue operating under a temporary contract through March 2016—or until the state decides what to do. 





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