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Uber Says Goodbye To Broward County

Uber announced Monday that it will suspend operations in Broward County starting July 31.

This move follows the County Commission’s recent decision to allow legal action against ride-hailing companies operating illegally in Broward.

Uber cited Broward County’s stringent regulations as the reason for its departure. 

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“The Broward County Commission has created one of the most hostile regulatory frameworks in the nation, raising substantial barriers for local entrepreneurs trying to earn a living and making it impossible for Uber to continue providing the high standard of service and affordability the community has come to expect and demand,” Uber’s statement reads.

Customers will no longer be able to request a ride in Broward. However, Uber is urging the public to demonstrate support for changes to its ride-hailing ordinance by signing its petition.

“We need your support to make sure County Commissioners work with us to bring Uber back to Broward County when they return from vacation,” the statement reads.

The two commissioners that voted in support of Uber, Martin Kiar and Chip LaMarca, released statements about Uber's announcement on their Facebook pages Monday evening.

Kiar expressed his hope that Uber reconsider its decision and work with the county to settle the problem.

Uber today released a statement that the company will suspend operations in Broward County on July 31st. I am a...

Posted by Martin David Kiar on Monday, July 6, 2015


LaMarca reminded his constituents that he voted against Broward County's "over-reaching regulations" and said the ordinance should be amended to "allow for open competition without jeopardizing public safety."

I am writing the following response to those who will be affected by the statement that Über released today.I have...

Posted by Chip LaMarca on Monday, July 6, 2015


This post has been updated with additional information from the two county commissioners.