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Yes, Saltwater Brewery’s Edible Six-Pack Rings Were A Huge Hit. Here’s What's Next For The Delray Beach Company.

One local brewery is determined to save sea life—one six-pack at a time. 

Delray Beach’s Saltwater Brewery recently received international attention for creating biodegradable six-pack beer can rings that can be eaten and digested by marine animals. 

Using byproducts of the beer-making process, such as barely and wheat remnants, the five men behind Saltwater Brewery—along with co-creation advertising agency, We Believers—manufactured 500 prototype rings that can break down 60 to 90 days after coming in contact with water. 

The brewery hopes the plastic alternatives will help reduce the number of animals that die or get injured when the trash ends up in the ocean.

For Saltwater Brewery president and co-founder Chris Gove, the effort to fight pollution is personal.

“I’ve seen with my own eyes turtles caught in nets, plastic bags and plastic rings," he said. “I was on the water a lot in San Diego, surfing a few hours a day, so I was always seeing some plastic debris.” 

What he didn't expect was the overwhelming response to the team's idea. Since launching the product in April, the company's creation has garnered attention from numerous media outlets, including The Huffington Post, TIME Magazine and Esquire Singapore

Along with tremendous bouts of news coverage, Saltwater Brewery also received PETA’s Compassionate Business Award.

“Saltwater Brewery has set an example for other beverage companies with its edible six-pack rings that feed marine animals instead of choking or poisoning them,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a statement. 

So what’s next for the company? 

Well, the brewery has already begun filing patents for its edible rings, according to Saltwater Brewery representative Katelyn Perkins.

More rings are also on the way, but this time in a much larger quantity, thanks to the positive feedback and enthusiasm the company received from the first batch.

“Our next steps are to manufacture an aluminum and inox steel-machined mold which allows a production of 400,000 Edible Six Pack Rings per month. This should be ready within the next six months,” Perkins said.

In fact, companies such as Costa Sunglasses have even reached out to Saltwater to inquire about partnering on the efforts, Grove added.

The company is also thinking about focusing on straws, which are among the top 10 marine debris items, according to a International Coastal Cleanup report by Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group.

“We always want to make progress,” said Gove. “Being content was never part of our genes, so we’re always looking for bigger and better ways to help out and bring ocean awareness to the people.”


(Photos courtesy of Saltwater Brewery)