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At Field Of Flowers, You Can Create Your Own Arrangements While Enjoying Wine With The Girls

I once signed up for one of those wine and painting classes. My Facebook feed was bustling with as many photos of friends holding a glass in one hand, masterpiece in the other, as there were engagement announcements, baby albums and posts about what such-and-such ate for lunch. Because I'm indefinitely single, awkward around children and incapable of food prep, I decided this was a trend I could hop on board with.

I was wrong.

Memories from high school art classes flooded in like black paint hitting a cup of water used to clean the brushes. My trees had more curves than the Kardashian clan, and my red robin sitting on a branch looked more like an overgrown berry.

So, when I signed up for a floral arrangements course at Field of Flowers, and the instructor said, “There's no wrong way of doing it,” I thought to myself, “Challenge accepted.”

Step one: Choose your method

Marble island counter tops lined with high-rise stools serve as workstations at the Field of Flowers FlowerBars in Davie and Boca Raton, where floral enthusiasts can learn how to build their own arrangements while sipping adult beverages. The locations offer six arrangements to choose from, and participants can stop by for “freestyle DIYs” during the day, schedule private parties or sign up for courses led by an instructor.

Step two: Gather the ingredients

 After ducking into an apron, the instructor passed out recipe cards. I selected the Klimt arrangement, so my “ingredients” included roses, trachelium, gerbera daisies, cymbidium orchids and anemones. We took a field trip to a classroom-sized refrigerator in order to retrieve bundles of buds awaiting arrangement.

The Flower Bar

Step three: Ready, go!

We began by using a toothy tool to remove any excess leaves from the flowers' stems. Then, one by one, we cut each stem at a diagonal and strategically stuck them through the foam inside the vase meant to keep everything in place. An hour later, while I'd gone into the experience sure I would create a disaster, I was pleasantly surprised that my end product turned out not so hideous.

The final verdict: It's better than painting

While paint isn't necessarily aesthetic in its native form, it's difficult to un-beautify a flower. And, if you do a terrible job with your arrangement, the flowers will eventually die, whereas a painting will not, and continue to haunt you as a reminder of your incompetence. The FlowerBar is also a relatively cheap way to take home a beautiful centerpiece or craft a Mother's Day gift, as arrangements cost between $34.95 to $59.95.

Field of Flowers FlowerBar, 5101 S. University Drive, Davie; 8177 Glades Road, Boca Raton / 800.963.7374 / myflowerbar.com