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Fort Lauderdale's Newest Pop-Up Boutique Offers Parisian Style

by Melissa Puppo April 2018 Also on Digital Edition

When it comes to fashion, Paris is a destination that first comes to mind—and for good reason. Its reputation as a thriving industry hub dates back centuries and is where many look to for the latest in trends. For anyone in South Florida who loves Parisian fashion, the boutique Pascaline Paris delivers on providing French picks for locals.

Owner Pascaline Elsair first opened her store on Rue des Martyrs in Paris in 1996. In 2011, she uprooted her life and moved to San Francisco, where she spent several years styling West Coasters.

This past fall, she made the move to Fort Lauderdale where she opened the doors to Pascaline Paris at the Gateway Shopping Center in Fort Lauderdale as a pop-up boutique for shoppers to view her curated selection of high-end, “must-have” Parisian pieces.

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Being on the East Coast has its perks, of course. “I’m [now] closer to New York and Europe,” she says. “For someone working in fashion it’s the two places you want to be.”

The Collection

Pascaline Paris is home to a blend of hippie, rock and chic styles for men and women, balanced with timeless pieces. Past collections Elsair designed include clothing with natural fabrics of silk and cotton. Her collection is a go-to for anyone freshening up their wardrobes while also taking on a Parisian sense of style.

“Whatever I pick from Paris is what I think will become successful because of the style, because of the quality, because it’s unique,” Elsair says. “I am a good buyer. I’ve done that for over 30 years in France. When I pick a brand, it’s for a reason.”

In terms of brands, there are several exclusive lines Elsair is excited to share with her South Florida clientele. First are Bosabo sandals that feature a latex sole for flexibility. “It’s the most comfortable type of shoes you will ever wear,” she explains. “I think everybody needs this shoe. Whether you are fashionable, not fashionable, old, young, you need a nice pair of comfortable and feminine sandals, and this line in Paris—I don’t know any fashion victim that doesn’t have at least two or three pairs.”

Additional lines include Atelier Voisin Paris, Denim Studio, Pain de Sucre swimwear and Serge Pariente for top-notch leather jackets. Plus, shop accessories, including Schade jewelry, handbags and more.

At press time, the Victoria Park resident planned to keep her pop-up shop open through April with plans to focus on her online store and future pop-ups in South Florida.

Pascaline Paris, 1932 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale / 415.954.2743 / pascalineparis.com

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Fort Lauderdale's Newest Pop-Up Boutique Offers Parisian StyleFort Lauderdale's Newest Pop-Up Boutique Offers Parisian Style

Add Parisian style to your wardrobe with picks from Pascaline Elsair.

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