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Wheelhouse Art Studio In Downtown Fort Lauderdale Offers Locals Unexpected Remedy With Therapeutic Jewelry

It started when Jamey Kahl was gifted a piece of Amazonite—a teal stone said to have crystal calming properties. The now owner of Wheelhouse Art Studio had just graduated from college and was on what she calls a path to self-discovery. “I believe [the stone] did have a calming effect,” she says. “It was weird though—like an unexplainable feeling. I could feel its energy.”

Kahl's boutique, which recently debuted on Northeast Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, is cozy—there are two purple patterned chairs and a hanging succulent display on top of a small wooden table. At surface value, the store boasts a variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more. But the idea behind all of the jewelry is crystology—the mental and spiritual balance of the mind through placement of crystals at various points on the body.

Kahl explains that each crystal has different healing purposes. For example, rose quartz has been called the “love stone.” It has been said that rose quartz opens up the heart chakra and allows the user to rid themselves of anger, resentment and jealousy. Kahl believes in these crystals, and she offers proof of their workings.

While in Mexico on a retreat, Kahl buried rose quartz in order to set her intention of finding love and happiness. And while finding a significant other wasn't what she meant, that is what happened. “Exactly a week later I met my boyfriend,” she says. “He is my better half.”

Wheelhouse Art Studio

Wheelhouse Art Studio originated about three years ago when Kahl opened her first location at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood. But, not long ago, Kahl discovered an ideal space in downtown Fort Lauderdale the business now calls home. There, Kahl supports local artists by selling their art alongside her own—the walls are lined with pen and ink drawings by local artist Laura Munroz, and the store is full of succulent arrangements by Irin Rubinstein.

Kahl's jewelry pieces range from $15 to $100, and while she has pieces out and ready for purchase, she makes custom jewelry as well. Customers are able to pick their own crystals and choose exactly what materials will be used in the creation of their piece. “I want to make unique, affordable jewelry that has the ability to heal and make you feel good,” she says.

For the more hands-on customer, Wheelhouse Art Studio provides a variety of classes ranging from succulent arranging to mandala coloring and guided meditation. You can even make your own jewelry at the wire-wrapping workshop. Classes are usually capped at about 12 participants, so sign up early to save a spot.