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Broward House announces Spirit of Hope Grand Reception, Tuesday, August 30th

Broward County is filled with everyday people making a difference for our community with the power of their heart. On Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, beginning at 6:30 pm, Broward House will be recognizing four key individuals that not only touch Broward House, but spread their efforts with many causes throughout Broward. We invite you to join us in recognizing these community members at B Ocean Resort on Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Tickets are $100 per person.

2016 Honorees Include:

Mark Budwig,
S.MARK Graphics Florida, Inc.

Marta Gonzalez,


Marie Brown Hayes,

M.S.W. is the Program Director for the Comprehensive Family AIDS Program (CFAP), at the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center, Inc. (CDTC).

Ken Rapkin,

Executive Director of the Campbell Foundation.

For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:  BrowardHouse.org/events/upcoming-events

2015 Honoree Requel Lopez, PC: Mark’s List

Broward House is a not for profit social services organization with 28 years of providing services for individuals in our community impacted by HIV and other health concerns.
We strive to provide the community with services to support healing, prevention and the reduction of stigma.
Our strategy of care includes a holistic approach to addressing an individual and family’s needs and capitalizing strengths.

2015 Honoree Joel Slotnick and Broward House CEO, Stacy Hyde, PC: Mark’s List

Broward House serves a population of those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS which mirrors the diversity of Broward County.   The agency embraces a responsibility to be a leader in combatting the impact of HIV in our community as 1 in 78 Broward County residents is HIV+.  This leadership is actualized through prevention, education, and service in order to reduce the number of individuals becoming infected by HIV, increasing the number of HIV+ individuals receiving care, supporting needed services, and reducing stigma in our community.   While Broward House began its mission in 1988, by providing housing, and it remains a core component of services, it is realized that individuals require an array of support services for true healing to occur.  It is this philosophy that has led to the expansion of services in prevention, education, case management, mental health, substance abuse treatment, transportation, and collaborative medical care, which are provided regardless of the individual’s financial status.

Please join us on August 30th, 2016 for our Spirit of Hope Grand Reception.  By doing so you can make a life difference! BrowardHouse.org/events/upcoming-events

Spirit of Hope Attendees, PC: Mark’s List

Spirit of Hope Attendees, PC: Mark’s List​

Thirteen restaurant owners Carol Moran and Nancy Goldwin with 2015 Honoree Robert Moelius, PC: Mark’s List