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Transforming Youth, Transforming Communities - Transformando La Juventud, Tranformando La Communidad

Combining excellent music and a call to action to not lose any more young people to violence and poverty. This year’s gala event unites businesses, families, and community leaders for a night of action and change.

On December 2, 2015, over 300 business and community leaders, families, and nonprofit organizations come together for the 5th annual gala event, “Transforming Youth, Transforming Communities”. This gala event is designed to be an evening that will pair excellent music with a call to action to give young people living in violence and poverty a second chance.

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Colombianitos and Americas Planned Giving come together, both non-profit youth development organizations, to inspire and educate the community about the young people in Latin America.

This event will be held in Chima Steak House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and all the people that attend will be part of supporting and becoming advocates of change to the young people Colombianitos and Americas Planned Giving serve.  These young people in turn, develop their unrealized potential through academic mentoring and coaching, sports, arts and prepare so they can work in their communities helping others and become advocates for change. We are looking forward to celebrating over a decade of transforming children’s lives, improving education and transforming communities in Latin America. Americas Planned Giving and Colombianitos have helped thousands of young people make positive and lasting changes.

This year we are excited to announce the participation of artists such as Latin-Nominated Grammy Salsa Sensation, Frankie Negron, La Voz Kids Winner (Season 2) Winner, Amanda Mena, and radio personality and television host, Humberto “El Gato” Rodriguez will serve as our master of ceremony, amongst other special guests will join us.  Our December celebration will highlight learning and impact and our ideas for growth to ensure that young people have education, basic human needs, and have the capacity to grow in their communities. We ask that you join us this evening and learn more about the organizations and learn what we can do differently to stop the cycles of violence and poverty.

“I am honored and excited to not only perform for the event but to be part of a group of passionate people trying to change the lives of the young people in Latin America; I know from traveling to these countries that the need is real; and I am just happy that I can give back, the best way I can.” -Frankie Negron

There are still opportunities for sponsorships; for more information about the gala event please contact Angie Rodriguez at angie@processmps.com (617) 259-4696.

To purchase your tickets, please use our Secure Ticket Purchase Link or purchase your tickets through our FACEBOOK.


Colombianitos: Is a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life of children, youth and their communities through sports, recreation, education and health. Colombianitos works with 4,800 children in ten communities of Colombia. The programs motivate these children to acquire an education and build strong values and life skills to become healthy, productive individuals. Through these children, Colombianitos programs help transform vulnerable communities.

Americas Planned Giving was born to help neglected children whom society has forgotten. As we go about our daily lives we often take for granted so many things, a warm bed, running water, and a warm meal. The children whom we support Through Americans Planned Giving have none of these basic human needs. They empower young children through the use of innovative educational programs like English language along with side programs that cultivate cultural perspective expansion. 

This year Colombianitos and Americas Planned Giving come together for this event to bring people together and raise funds in support of the work serving young people and solving the most pressing youth policy, community and public safety issues that become a barrier for these young people to grow.