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Where To Grab Lunch In Fort Lauderdale

Question: “It’s your turn to make lunch reservations. Where are we going?”

A: Southport Raw Bar

“I love eating outside, so my vote is for Southport Raw Bar. It’s nothing fancy, but the dockside view and the seafood are worth it. My favorite dish is the dolphin tacos, but I’ve heard others rave about the authentic Philly cheesesteak.”

- Heather Carney, managing edito

A: Louie Bossi’s

“OK, so my coworkers aren’t surprised when I announce we’ll welcome the afternoon over plates of pasta along Las Olas Boulevard with a reservation at Louie Bossi’s. Yes, I am highly predictable, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t mind. I embrace my frequent diner card and am not embarrassed to order my ‘usual’ (Radiatori—short pasta, eggplant, San Marzano and ricotta—delish!).”

- Alyssa Morlacci, associate editor

A: Top Hat Deli

“The New York-style deli offers plenty of comfort food options for everyone in your party—whether your coworkers are in the mood for a light quinoa salad or a heartier fried bologna sandwich. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a lunch spot that offers milkshakes. Not only is the food good (and affordable!), but the simple decor and natural light streaming in from the windows make for great food photos.”

- Ileana Llorens, senior web editor

A: Pizza Craft

“Pizza Craft, please! It’s an easy spot to grab a quick but quality meal, and there’s plenty of outdoor seating for some fresh air on our lunch break. I’m down to share a pizza pie (tomato and basil or the Bianca) with coworkers, or try the pasta of the day on my own.”

- Lyssa Goldberg, web editor