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Wine And Dine At The Winemakers Table In Delray Beach

If you fancy drinking a glass (or more) of fine wine that’s been poured into the best stemware available, you’re in luck. And if you’ve never dined on Versace plateware, you’re in for a treat. It’s all part of the food and wine lover’s dream event “The Versace Experience,” offered at The Winemakers Table in Delray Beach.

The new dining venue is off the beaten path, situated in a quiet spot off Congress Avenue. “It’s a place where nobody would suspect that they’re going to come to a fine-dining restaurant,” says proprietor and owner Tom Ferraro, who opened the space with his sister, Michele Ferraro, in August.

After years of traveling, making friends in the wine industry and hosting wine dinners at his home, Tom made the choice to create a space of his own.

Ornate Offerings

“The original plan was to create one wine room to host wine dinners,” Tom says, “but this place lends itself to a restaurant.” Taking the best of both worlds, The Winemakers Table features a spacious private wine room for 12 people, with a grand dining table in the center. It’s topped with two decorative candelabras and signature table settings. A gold-tiled ceiling and china cabinets stocked with decanters and stemware are additional glam features.

Elegant chandeliers and rich colors of maroon and gold accent the main dining room. A roundtable is designated for “The Versace Experience,” a seven-course tasting menu. But that’s not all. Guests are served using trendsetting Versace platewear, crisp flatware and off-the-wall foodie trends, like dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Wine and Dine

Fitting the restaurant’s name, The Winemakers Table offers 800 different labels of wine and more than 5,000 bottle varieties from old and new vintages to rare. “I’m big into cult wines—wines that are highly allocated,” Tom says. The restaurant carries wine connoisseur favorites, including Scarecrow, Tusk, Sine Qua Non and Screaming Eagle.

Plus, if guests stop by for happy hour on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., not only can they indulge in half-priced wines and meals; they might also get a special treat, compliments of Tom—like the opening of a $250 bottle of wine to be shared with all.

To accompany pours, choose from a selection of cuisines including the featured prime meats. The Prime Veal Chop is one of the restaurant’s signatures sourced from a small farm in upstate New York. More options include the Black Angus Short Ribs that are slow-cooked for six hours, to prime New York strip or filet mignon and fresh pappardelle with wild boar.

The Winemakers Table, 2875 S. Congress Ave., Delray Beach / 954.914.3218 / thewinemakerstable.net


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